Feds put Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam on endangered species list

Watch out Tony, the FDA has you in their sights!

New “voluntary guidelines” drafted by Congress could lead to bans on advertising cereal, peanut butter, and even milk to those under 17.  The FDA, FTC, CDC, and Dept. of Agriculture have developed minimum nutrition levels that food must meet to be advertised to children,  according to the Association of National Advertisers that could include 88 of the 100 most advertised foods.  Says Dan Jaffe:

“It would make it impossible to advertise some waters … most cereals, yogurts, soups and peanut butter,”

The FDA of course, thinks anyone concerned

about the new guidelines is just cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

“Frankly, these folks might want to switch to decaf,”
“This is a report to Congress, not a rulemaking proceeding, so there’s no proposed government regulation,”

Because we all know that Congress would never go outside of its original intent, why this is just a report, nothing to see here.

Meanwhile “industry leaders” aka rent-seekers, have already signed on to the “suggestion” that they not market candy to children.

“It’s true we’re proposing companies not market candy directly to children. We also recognize and applaud companies like Mars, Hershey and Cadbury Adams that already voluntarily have stopped advertising to kids.

Of course the fact that these companies control a vast majority of the industry, can absorb any revenue loss tied to the new rules, and benefit greatly from federal sugar subsidies has nothing to do with their noble decision.  For smalller companies and those seeking to enter the market being unable to advertise to those most likely to buy their products may be a problem.

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