Michele Bachmann loves Federal Pork

Literally.  The so-called small government conservative has no problem asking the USDA to buy pork and canned hams to support Big Agriculture in Minnesota.  Of course she has also received many donations from executives at Cargill, Swift, and Hormel Foods, all beneficiaries of Federal welfare programs.  As with her family farm subsidies and work for the IRS, her condemnation of big government apparently ends at her front door.


Illinois Food Police Hate Ice Cream

When Kris Swanberg was laid off from her job as a Chicago public school teacher, she began making small batch artisanal ice cream,  which is now on sale at Whole Foods and local farmer’s markets.  Unfortunately she has attracted the attention of the State, which says she must buy a $40K pasteurizer or use premade mix instead of her ultra fresh ingredients such as local strawberries.  Back to the unemployment line!  How dare you try to make a living in Chicagoland?

Thanks to Karen Decoster at Lewrockwell.com

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